Looking for maternity care?

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Welcome to kraamzorggezocht.nl, the service provider for a worry-free postpartum period, looked after by a single maternity nurse of your choice. That is invaluable for your peace of mind during the maternity week.

Kraamzorggezocht.nl is the sister of Kraamvogel and ZiNkraamzorg, both leading organisations for maternity care in the Netherlands for many years now. The maternity nurses that work for us are of course registered with KCKZ, the national registration and quality body for maternity care. This guarantees that the maternity nurse coming to you has the right credentials plus keeps up her knowledge and skills through continued training. We have also personally selected all the maternity nurses that are registered with us, to make sure that, together, we give you an unforgettable maternity week.

How does it work?
On our website you can easily search for a maternity nurse that fits you by entering your postal code or city. After finding the right person you can register with Kraamzorggezocht.nl. We will contact your selected maternity nurse to see if she’s available. We recommend you choose several nurses in case your first choice is not available. If the maternity nurse is available she will contact you by phone. If it clicks, you make an appointment for a first meet. In this way you’ll know well ahead of time who it is that will come to support you during the maternity week.

How much does it cost?
There are no costs involved in registering or searching for a maternity nurse that fits your needs. Cannot find a suitable maternity nurse? Then you pay nothing! But it goes without saying that we will make sure you get the right maternity nurse at home.

Maternity care costs are paid from the basic insurance plan of your health insurer. There may be a co-pay of €4.70 per hour. Whether this is reimbursed will depend on your supplementary insurance plan. If you want to find out for sure, please contact your health insurer.


  • Professional maternity care near you
  • You get to choose your maternity nurse
  • Guaranteed care thanks to our extensive network, always conducting an interview in advance
  • One single maternity nurse for the entire maternity week
  • We are always available to answer your questions
  • Registration doesn’t cost anything

Register as a parent
Do you want a worry-free maternity week, being cared for by one single maternity nurse? And do you like the idea of knowing who it is that will come to support you? Kraamzorggezocht.nl offers you personal contact, plus the ease of searching yourself. So register now!

Maternity care costs are paid from your basic health insurance plan. You will have a co-pay of €4.60 per hour. Ask your health insurer how high your co-pay is exactly, as this can vary per insurance company.